Our Mission

At Meiste Homes, we are passionate about providing an enjoyable and rewarding design and construction process. Satisfaction as a company only comes from the interaction and satisfaction of our clients. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships, and see it as a privilege to make your new home dreams come to life. Visit us in our showroom in The Crossings next to Salt & Pepper!


Since starting Meiste Homes in 1995, Brian and Amber have been relentlessly serving their customers with excellence. Throughout their journey, they have remained unwavering in their dedication.

Brian’s passion for building began early. He was born and raised on a second generation farm where he learned as a young boy the value of hard work. Following the legacy of dedication exemplified by both his father and grandfather, Brian grew up helping his dad work the land. Soon he expanded his efforts and began to build. Brian started by crafting tree houses and small pieces of furniture.

As Brian’s passion for building grew, so did his abilities and experiences. He began to develop his skills by working as an apprentice for local builders during high school and college.

After college, Brian began to sell real estate, obtaining his license in 1995. He quickly discovered he much preferred working on job sites where the homes were being built. Combining his carpentry skills and entrepreneurial spirit, Brian started his own business: Brian Meiste Builders.

One of the very first homes he built was his own. Brian married his high school sweetheart and love of his life, Amber in 1994, and built their home soon after. During these first years of the business, Brian did all the labor himself; framing, roofing, siding and trim carpentry. He hired a couple carpenters to work alongside him, along with some of the very same subcontractors he employs today for plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, as well as concrete work.

For the next six years, Brian Meiste Builders operated in much the same way. Brian continued to build homes himself, working together with a team of trusted subcontractors.

In 1999, Brian and Amber decided to use their second home build as an opportunity to showcase Brian’s abilities in the Parade of Homes. They were honored to receive the awards for Best Floor Plan, Best Kitchen and Best Interior Elements. Brian Meiste Builders has been recognized as a company of which to take note.

Brian and Amber exemplified their building and design capabilities in the Parade of Homes, and the public responded enthusiastically. The business began to grow at an entirely new level.

As Brian Meiste Builder’s popularity grew, Brian decided that the best way to keep the attention to detail associated with his reputation was to train carpenters for the hands on work, allowing Brian to focus on other aspects of the business. He began to perform sales meetings, quoted all jobs and managed the projects, subcontracting most of the labor to his team of trusted professionals.

Brian and Amber worked out of their home office until about 2004. With two young sons and a daughter on the way, they found an office in The Crossings, very near to their current location, enabling them to better separate family life and business.

In 2006, the economy started to decline. Using these difficult circumstances as an opportunity to get creative, Brian Meiste Builders started to build homes in a Traverse City development. Throughout the recession, Brian and Amber maintained their integrity and worked hard through the trials to emerge as an even stronger company.

When business began to flourish again around 2011-2012, Brian and Amber recognized the need to rebrand. They changed their company name to Meiste Homes and moved to a more visible location in The Crossings, next to Salt & Pepper and At Home Realty.

Brian and Amber remain committed to pursuing excellence in their business, as well as their family. They are lovingly raising their four children, Avery, Andrew, Briella and their newest addition — Tritan. The Meiste’s have welcomed their new son through foster care and have recently adopted him as a cherished member of the family.

Today you will find Meiste Homes occupying a central location at The Crossings. Brian and Amber continue to work diligently to turn their customers’ dream homes into realities. Meiste Homes remains dedicated to serving West Michigan as a leader in the building industry.

Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
Brian Meiste


Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
Amber Meiste

Office Manager

Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
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Interior Designer

Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
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Project Manager

Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
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Jobsite Manager

Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
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Interior Designer & Administrative Assistant

Meiste Homes | Builder of Custom Homes | Holland MI
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Systems and Project Manager